The caring and cleaning combination

We believe there can be luxury for every stage of care

Fresh, inviting, care products

Our gentle, ethical and beautifully fragranced range has been expertly developed to add a touch of luxury to home care

Hygienic cleansing and protection for the hands, body and hair

Expertly formulated with gentle ingredients with a subtle last longing perfume that includes essential oils

Aromapersonal is a new range of products specifically designed for those caring for a family member or loved one at home. It has been created to provide a touch of luxury to everyday tasks and uses the principles of Aromatherapy combined with the power and efficacy of industrial and medical grade products to bring fresh and powerful solutions to make people’s lives easier. There are three elements to the range of products: cleaning solutions, odour management and skincare.

Caring products for people who care

Professional standard hygiene and odour management solutions especially developed for the home care environment

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